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AR/STAR setup

Summary - The AR Admin person creates classes and assign teachers. (One recommended naming convention is gradenumber - teachername). (Some schools do not create classes, but have one big list of kids in the school - this is not recommended, as it slows down the system when ~1000 names load and makes it harder for teachers to print reports for thier classes.) Teachers (or the AR Admin person) then enrolls the  students in their class.  If there are other ALS applications, such as STAR & Math Facts in a Flash. the AR Admin person duplicates those enrollments for those applications (some school have the teacher enroll students in all applications).
* Each school site needs to have an AR Admin person (could be a teacher, reading coach, or? - not the SCT).

  1. Unenroll all students from all programs. (see movie - the 2nd half)
  2. Promote all students. (Select All Students / Click on School > Students > Promote [it's in the top menu bar])
  3. Set up the New School Year in all programs (School > Preferences > School Year)
  4. Notify Jean Samaniego (
    • tell her that students have been promoted so that she can then import all 1st graders (or 6th graders)
  5. Delete all classes in all programs except STAR (Click on School > Classes > Delete)
  6. In STAR, Delete all all classes that no longer exist. (Click on School > Classes > Delete)
  7. Create classes in STAR (not the other programs).
    • select Classes
    • click [Add] and enter the information
    • click [Assign Teacher]
      • If the teacher of the class is already listed in the dialog box, click on the teacher's name and click the [OK] button.

If the teacher's name is not listed, click the [New] button. In the New Teacher dialog box, click in the fields (blanks) and type the teacher's information. Click on the drop-down list to choose the teacher's salutation. When you have finished, click the [OK] button.

  1. Enrolling - After Jean has imported student data from PowerSchool, notify teachers that they should enroll all of their students in STAR (not the other programs) (see movie - the 1st half).
  2. Creating New Students - If some students are not listed in the database for enrollment, teacher should notify the AR admin person (you) so that those student records can be created and then enrolled.
  3. Duplicating Classes - After all students have been enrolled in a class, then that class can be duplicated into the other programs. If you duplicate a class from another Renaissance Learning program, you can also copy the enrollment of the class. This process will save you and your teachers a lot of time.
Open Accelerated Reader Management (and MathFacts Management if your school has it)
    • in the top menu select Classes > Duplicate
    • click on "Show me a list of available classes." Then, click the [Next] button.
    • Click on the class you want to duplicate; then, click the [Next] button.
    • You'll probably want to delete the word "copy" from the class name. When you have finished changing the information, click the [Next] button.
    • the next panel asks if you want to copy the enrollment. If you want your new class to have the same students as the original class, click [Yes] Then, click the [Next] button.
    • Review the information in the Duplicate Class Summary panel. If it is correct, click the [Done] button. If not, click the [Back] button and make your changes.


* In addition, K-5 schools should have the HM quizzes added(see movie)
* Only the AR Admin person should have the Admin password.  Teachers have the Monitor passwords.
* When new students come in during the year -
- someone (usually the attendance clerk) notifies the AR Admin person that a new student has entered, provides needed info (first name, last name, grade level, and teacher), and has a signed AUP.
- The AR Admin person adds them to the ALS database and enrolls the student in the class for each of the programs.
- An email sent to the teacher after the student has been enrolled is a good practice.