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Important Report Card Information for 1st through 5th Grade Teachers

posted Nov 6, 2014, 2:38 PM by Krystle Miller   [ updated Nov 6, 2014, 10:53 PM by Tom Borer ]
A message from Kathleen Sorensen: 
I have visited many schools and I am so excited to see students engaged in stimulating and rigorous mathematical activities. Ed Services is very appreciative of all of the hard work that teachers have put into implementing the new Math Standards and Practices. Many teachers have expressed concern about the fact that our report card does not match our new math standards. We will be addressing that issue soon. As a temporary solution to the problem with alignment, we are changing the old math strands to the new CCSS domains on the report card. 
The new domains are:
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Number and Operations - Fractions
Measurement and Data

We have changed the report card print out that parents receive to reflect the new domains. Unfortunately, because the “old” strands are tied to courses in PowerTeacher Grade Book, we are unable to change the domain names at this time. So, even though the teacher view in PowerTeacher Grade Book will display the “old” strand labels, when you print out the report card, it will print the new CCSS domains for math. Use the key below as a reference for ensuring that you are correlating the “old” strands to the new domains appropriately. Please note that in most cases there is not a direct correlation between the names of the strands and the names of the domains. The strands and domains are simply matched by the order they appear in PowerTeacher Grade Book and the new revised report card print out. 

CCSS CA Domains as they will appear on the printed report card:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking = Number Sense
Number and Operations in Base 10 = Algebra and Functions
Number and Operations - Fractions = Measurement/Geometry
Measurement and Data = Statistics/Data Analysis/Probability
Geometry = Mathematical Reasoning
Old CA strands as they appear in 
PowerTeacher Grade Book
(What the teacher will see)

Example: To assign a grade for Operations and Algebraic Thinking teachers would select Number Sense on the drop down menu. The math coaches have created a list of the domains that should be marked as N/A for each trimester because they are not addressed in the scope and sequence for that trimester. We do not have the ability to pre-slug grades as N/A, so N/A will be a choice in the drop down menu. You can, however quickly fill down the N/As by Right- (or Control-) clicking the standard header and choosing Quick Fill>N/A .

Please refer to tables below that indicate which domains should be marked as N/A for each trimester at each grade level. The back of the report card is also being updated to include the new math domains. It will be posted early next week. 

We have ONLY made changes to the math section of the 1st through 5th grade report card. The rest of the report card remains the same. Thank you for your patience in working with this temporary fix to the report card. All of your hard work in implementing the new standards and reporting progress to parents is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, 

Kathleen Sorensen
Director, Curriculum and Assessment