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Teacher Laptop Updates

posted May 4, 2012, 12:42 PM by   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 4:02 PM by Tom Borer ]
Teacher Laptop Updates

TMS technicians are offering to come to each school to re-image teacher laptops, which often get overlooked in updates.  That way the teacher will only have the laptop unavailable to them for a day or less.

We discussed this process at the February 27, 2012 TRT meeting.  This voluntary re-imaging is for teacher Intel laptops (the ones with the magnetic power supply).

Software in this new image includes: 

  • OS 10.6
  • iWork 09 (Pages, Keynote, Numbers); 
  • iLife 11 (iMovie, iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD), 
  • Office 11 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), as well as other updates. 
Teachers should plan on not having use of their computer for the day.  Those computers older than Intels will not be re-imaged, as they are not compatible with the current software image.

We are recommending that iREAD (and others who use the laptop for syncing iPods), Project LIVE, and SPED teachers NOT have their computers re-imaged. Those teachers can put in a WHD ticket to have apps (iWork 09; iLife 11, Office 11) updated.  

This is our recommended backup strategy

This is the recommended restore strategy

Please make sure that:

  • teachers bring appropriate laptops that day
  • teachers have BACKED UP their their laptops as described above.  They will lose documents if they have not!
  • teachers mark their computer w/ their name (blue tape is a good idea)
  • If teachers login to the school network (like students do), make sure to write Network Login needed on your computer.
  • teachers plan on being w/o their computer for the day
  • you set aside a room for the techs to use and teachers deliver computers there in the morning

Tentative Schedule:

3/7 Conway

3/14, 3/15 Mission

3/20 Farr

3/22 North Broadway

3/29 Pioneer

4/24 Miller

4/26 Del Dios

5/1 Reidy Creek

5/3 Central

5/8 Rose

5/10 Felicita w/Naim

5/15 Rock Springs

5/17 Glen View

5/24 Rincon

Bear Valley & Bernardo - email Jean for an appointment

(Other site Intel computer are being updated to this newer image by TMS on an ongoing basis.  If you know of computers that need this update, open a Web Help Desk Ticket.